Monday, November 30, 2020

Let's Get These Revisions Done!

 Welcome everyone!

It's time to get Book 3 further down the road. I'm on chapter 14, and there are 25 chapters in Book 3 as of this writing. So let's set a goal to get one chapter revised each day for the next twelve days. That means I should be finished on or around December 12th. That's my goal.

The chapters I have left are intense. Two of them involve major fights that each span a huge amount of text. My main character, Tristan has to do a lot of growing during those encounters, and the feedback I've received from my alpha readers tells me I didn't show it enough.

Similarly, I have some growing to do as a writer. COVID has provided a wonderful opportunity for distraction, and I've allowed myself to wander off the path of completing my series. For the next twelve days, I won't deviate. 

I am resolved to make these revisions and move on to the next step. I'm looking forward to taking you with me.