Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Edits ARE DONE and It's Off to the Final Readers!

 Welcome everyone!

At the end of any race or journey, seeing the finish line reinvigorates you in such a surprising way. I am very pleased to announce that all the major edits for the third book in the Hunter’s Rose series are now complete! Celebrate with me!

I have some negative habits as a writer, which I’ll talk about in future posts, and my editor is keen enough to spot them. I’ve corrected them as best as possible in the latest draft, and I feel the story is significantly stronger as a result.

So what’s left to do before publishing? I still have two rounds of readers planned. At this point, they’re not beta readers. I’m calling them Delta Readers since that seemed more appropriate given all the circumstances.

I hope to get the first round done by mid-October and the second done around mid-November. That means, sadly, that my book will probably not come out in 2021. That is slightly disappointing, since that was one of my goals, but honestly now is a bad time to launch a book.

I want to have launch parties and book signings when my third novella hits the stores. That’s just not comfortable or possible right now. Winter may be worse, we’ll have to see. So, it’s not actually a bad thing that I won’t release Book 03 this year. I think 2022 will yield better results anyway.

Thanks to all those who keep asking about how things are coming along with my writing. It helps. It really does. Keep asking.