Monday, December 9, 2019

Files Uploaded! - And There's a Problem....

Welcome everyone!

Pre-release for Book 2 is nearly here! Last night I began uploading the files to the book printer. Naturally, there was a problem.

It's a mistake of my own doing, nothing to do with the cover or layout, thank the Lord. However, it will add on a few extra days to fix. Had I been more careful, I would have caught it. The problem is, though, I was just too excited!

Putting a book up for printing and publication is necessarily a complicated ordeal, but there are a lot of steps. For instance, there were 32 tasks I had to complete last night when uploading. I'm not exaggerating that number. I messed up on one, and it threw the whole thing off.

So, as soon as the current render is complete, I'll have to go in and try to adjust it. The issue may require customer support, I don't know. Never-the-less, it will be resolved soon enough, I feel. This is the part of publishing I hate the most. It's all about anticipation and small problems causing big delays.

Ah well. Life's still good!

Just as a reminder. The full front cover of the book will be revealed this Thursday! Don't forget!



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