Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Sales Data for March/April 2020

Welcome everyone!

Today I have some great news to share with you. I'm going to cover sales data from earlier this year then discuss how things went in my first year. So these are the raw numbers for both The Huntsman and the She-Wolf (THATSW) and The Huntsman and the Vampire (THATV):

Mar/Apr - THATSW eBook: 0
Mar/Apr - THATV eBook: 0

Mar/Apr - THATSW Audio: 1
Mar/Apr - THATV Audio: 0

Mar/Apr - THATSW Online Paperback: 1
Mar/Apr - THATV Online Paperback: 3

Mar/Apr - THATSW Online Hardback: 1
Mar/Apr - THATV Online Hardback: 1

Mar/Apr - THATSW In-Person Paperback: 33
Mar/Apr - THATV In-Person Paperback: 2

Mar/Apr - THATSW In-Person Hardback: 1
Mar/Apr - THATV In-Person Hardback: 5

Mar/Apr - THATSW Kindle Unlimited Pages: 697
Mar/Apr - THATV Kindle Unlimited Pages: 832

Total Books: 50
Total Pages: 1529

Clearly in-person sales have been better for me than online sales. And just as clearly, ALL those in-person sales came in March. With the lockdown in April due to Coronavirus, I haven't been able to pitch my book in person. Still, 50 copies in two months is fantastic. If you convert the KU pages read, that's another 7 copies sold.

BUT here's the really great news: When I started this project, I made a goal to sell 300 books total in my first year, and 500 books total by my second. When the launch anniversary for The Huntsman and the She-Wolf came around, I had sold 329 COPIES!!! If you include Kindle Unlimited pages, that would be another 40 copies on top of that. So I easily surpassed that goal.

Looking to the year ahead, I currently stand at 402 actual copies sold, plus an additional 45 if you convert Kindle Unlimited. So, I am not very far from achieving my goal at all.

I owe everyone a HUGE thank you for all the support you've given me. With out the fans, friends, and family helping me out, I never would have gotten close to reaching my aspirations. THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND I LOVE YOU ALL!

Be safe and healthy out there. Take care of each other.



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