Wednesday, May 5, 2021

3rd Revision is Complete!

 Welcome everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the third revision of Book 03 is now finished. This one went much more quickly than the second revision. Part of that is my passion for writing has reawoken and the other part is that my life has much more structure to it now.

I've talked over and over how important a structured life is to an author. Some might think that coronavirus is a blessing for writers: all that time stuck at home with nothing to do! It isn't.

Writers need to be in the world, they need to be around people. We draw energy from nature and human relationships. When we are robbed of those things, our creativity suffers. Or, at least, mine did.

Now that life is returning to a sense of normal, a new normal perhaps, I am much more productive. Not to mention, I am much happier as well.

So anyway, things are progressing nicely here. I'll be back soon with a roadmap for what comes next in my Hunter's Rose Series



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