Monday, June 28, 2021

Back From the Editor and On the Road to Revisions

 Welcome everyone!

It's been a while since I've updated you on where I am with Book 03. Summer is usually a free time for me, but this year I chose to take on some extra responsibilities and also squeezed in a vacation with my wonderful family. As a result, pretty much the entire month of June was lost when it comes to writing. However, I'm now back in the saddle and getting to work!

I have quite a bit to do. The version of my Third Book that I submitted to my editor was the fourth or fifth revision, I believe. So the story was already pretty decent, in my own estimation. Well, this is why you hire an editor. She pointed out some serious flaws with my main character in this story along with several issues with two of the main supporting characters. As a result, I have more than a dozen scenes that have to be completely rewritten. Not only that, I have to change quite a few dialogue tags and rework the motivation of one of the villains. Shew! That's a bunch.

However, I'm so thankful for my editor's feedback. It was so deep and insightful, honest and encouraging. I'm very grateful for all the time she put into it. Now it's my turn to take her feedback and improve the story so that you, my dear reader, can have something you'll enjoy. After all, that is the real point of writing a book: to give your readers something that inspires and uplifts.

Will I still be able to publish this year? I hope so. We'll see.



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