Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Book 3 Cover Reveal - Part 1

 Welcome everyone!

Today, we get to begin the march toward the launch of the third book in my Hunter’s Rose series! This book has been the most difficult for me to finish. I can’t wait to share it with you because I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

Out of all the books I’ve written so far, this one is the most personal. I think I’ve mentioned before that I keep a dream journal. When I started putting together ideas for The Huntsman and the She-Wolf, I opened my journal and started pulling anything that would fit.

The further I got into the writing process, though, the fewer and fewer of my dreams could make it into the first book. In fact, the only two entries that made the cut for Book 1 were the She-Wolf hoisting the huntsman into the air in Chapter 1 and Tristan falling through the porcelain wall in Chapter 15. I had to keep putting them off.

The Huntsman and the Vampire, likewise, had very few of my dream entries. When I sat down to begin Book 3, I decided it was finally time to share my visions with you. These are the stories I really wanted to tell, but I’ll expound on them in the future.

You’re more interested in seeing my cover, I bet. So, what I’m going to do is reveal a little bit of the cover at a time over the next few weeks. It will all lead up to March 2. I’m happy to announce that, that’s the release date for the book!

So, without further ado, here is the proof of life for Book 3:

It exists! Take close note of how it matches the covers of my previous two books below:

For me, this small strip at the bottom of the book is a HUGE deal. I’ve well chronicled how I’ve had to struggle to find new cover artists for this entry in the series. Finding a capable replacement has been extraordinarily difficult and contributed to the delay of launching this book. I’m very pleased with how well this new artist was able to capture the elements of the first one.

More reveals will be coming quickly, so stay locked in. I’ve got mountains of wonderful things to share with you!



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