Sunday, February 12, 2023

Book 3 Cover Reveal - Part 4 (Tagline)

 Welcome everyone!

When I wrote my first book and I was getting ready to publish it, one of the things that my cover artist wanted  was a tagline. I had honestly never given it much thought prior to that. In retrospect, I wish I could have developed a theme for the taglines in my series. Perhaps, for instance, they could make a poem or string together to reveal a prophecy, or even the the whole story of my series in miniature. Alas, that won’t happen, but it’s a good lesson to remember for the future.

Today, I reveal the tagline for my third book, The Huntsman and the Heretic. I have no doubt that many will assume that it was inspired by the recent pandemic we all endured. But, no. When I conceived of the storyline for the entire series back in 2017, I knew that the third book would be about a disease of mysterious origin. It’s just a strange coincidence we had to live through such a thing at the same time! Imagine if my book came out a year ago.

Anyway, here is the tagline for you to enjoy:

I hope to create a lot of intrigue concerning the true motives behind peoples’ actions in this book. There are many characters who are not what they seem. Of all my novellas so far, I think this one will challenge readers the most. I hope you’re up for it!



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