Saturday, January 20, 2024

2023 Year in Review - Hunter’s Rose

Welcome everyone!

I finally had a chance to look back over the previous year and assess how it went. It was a year filled with several major events. For instance, I’ve gone back to college to get another degree. My last remaining grandparent passed away, and my daughter entered high school. The biggest event with regards to this website was the release of my third book: The Huntsman and the Heretic! I’m so proud of how that book turned out. It’s the most personal one for me. Although, it amazes me how many people think it’s a rhino on the front cover and not a bull. To me, it’s obvious, but I’ll just have to be more mindful of stuff like that in the future.

2023 also represented my best year of sales since my first book launched back in 2019. Altogether, I sold 252 copies of my books across all formats (ebook, audio, paperback, hardback) including 112 of my newest book. That’s amazing! Consider that a quote “successful” self-published author is someone that sells 250 copies in two years. So this year, I did fantastic.

So let’s look ahead to 2024. Project X is still on the horizon; however, my time as an author is incredibly limited right now. Getting a degree is consuming all my time even though I’m only taking six credit hours at the moment. I started classes last summer, so I will finish my new degree this year. I’m very excited about that. It will open a lot of doors for me. Sadly, though, it means I won’t be able to work on The Hunter’s Rose series until I’m finished.

I have appreciated everyone’s wonderful support this year. I’ll resume writing the fourth book in my series late fall, 2024. It takes about 12 to 20 months to finish a Hunter’s Rose book, and then about 6-12 to go through all the editing, cover art, and publishing processes. So Book 4 is probably two years away at least, maybe three. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep you up to date on my activities. I hope 2024 is a prosperous and joyful year for you. I love and value each and every one of you. Be well and take care of each other.



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