Monday, November 5, 2018

I did it!

Well everyone, I finished all the edits from my proofreader on my gothic fantasy novella. That's right, I now have in my hands the final version that will go to publication. FINAL DRAFT COMPLETE!

Now, I imagine I might catch a few errors here and there before February, but those will be the only changes going forward. Getting my book done this far ahead lets me turn my focus to some other things. October was a bad month for me as far as my goals for the month went. Here's a list of everything I wanted to do:

  • Start Podcast
  • Get Map Art
  • Research ARCs
  • Finish Final Edits
  • Cross-post blog to all social media
  • Establish Good Reads Page
  • Get half or more of booking questionnaire done

As you can see, I only accomplished two of those things. Final edits are done also, but I didn't finish them until November 4th, so I can't cross them off for October. All the stuff I didn't get done now gets added to an already busy November. I hope I can manage.

I'm not going to focus on the negative, though. Here's the bottom line: I have a final draft of a book. I have the FINAL DRAFT of a BOOK!  I did it. I started this project three years ago, I've gone through the fire, I've been tested, and now I've come out the other side with a product I'm proud of and can be excited about. I know you'll be excited about it too once you get to read it.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support. I really love the messages I get on my social media accounts. You guys have really kept me going. I look forward to sharing with you all the details about the plot, characters, setting, and how my book fits in the genre as a whole. See you soon!



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