Wednesday, November 7, 2018

More Book Art Coming!

Welcome everyone!

Looks like I will have some more book art ready for you next week. I really like what I have to share, although I'm not sure if I will end up using it in my book. I'll have to explain why when it's ready.

Speaking of book art news, I have commissioned the map for my book. I am REALLY nervous about this. The map, I think, will be very helpful to the reader in understanding the plot of my book.

Naturally, in a fantasy story, there will be a journey. When you're naming off wild places full of new names and weirdos, it helps to give the readers something to anchor their imaginations on. A map can do that.

I'm nervous because it will take the map-maker nearly a month to get it done. I don't expect to have it until December 5th, and even then, it might require revisions. That might add another 10-14 days. Who knows?

I have to have my files completely ready to go and turned into the my cover and layout artists by January 3rd. That's cutting things awfully close. I don't like cutting things close. I like having them done way ahead of time; hence, why I have my final draft complete in November.

I'm tempted to commission a second map from a second artists just in case, but that's an added expense I don't wish to endure right now. We'll have to see.

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