Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Best Part About Being An Author

Welcome everyone!

I've been looking forward to sharing this post with you all day. I have now discovered why people enjoy writing books so much.

In the picture below is a young lady with two of her precious stuffed animals, llamas to be exact. Not long ago she read my book, which is quite an accomplishment for someone her age. I'm very impressed with that.

Anyway, after finishing it, she was so inspired by the story she decided to name her toys after two of my characters: Jean-Paul and Jean-Jacques. Her mother contacted me to share the news, and I was overjoyed.

Jean-Paul and Jean-Jacques are twin brothers in my book and very interesting characters. However, I would not consider them main characters at all. Just part of the supporting cast. And yet this wonderful young one was so moved by their story-arc, she wanted to make a part of my book a part of her life.

I tell you the truth, I could not be more honored that she did. To know that my writing has had such a strong impact on a young mind is worth far more than all the sales or book awards I could ever receive. None of those things will ever compare to this. She has given me a wonderful gift.

And I will treasure this picture all of my life:



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