Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Finding a New Artist

Welcome everyone!

So I'm on the quest for a new artist. I've got some good leads, and I'm evaluating their bodies of work at the moment.

The most important thing to me in the artists I'm looking at is whether or not I feel they can illustrate my ideas for clarity. I don't idly choose the objects and locations for illustration in my book. I choose the things I believe are the most difficult to conceptualize OR the ones I want the audience to have a very concrete picture in their minds.

I plan on having five pictures in Book 2 in addition to five roses. That 10 in all. The roses are now done. I love them! The other five are going to take a while to get, I'm afraid.

I just hope I can get the majority of Book 2 done before the end of summer. That's when my schedule gets really hectic again.

Anyway, expect updates soon! :)




  1. Check out Bill Sturdivant on Facebook! He is one of my high school classmates who is ver6 talented. He is not a commercial artist if that is what you need,

    1. I'll be very glad to do that. Thank you! :)