Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Signing A Book is a Touching Experience

Welcome everyone!

I had a young person bring me a copy of The Huntsman and the She-Wolf to sign yesterday. She was so bashful and nervous. But I was extremely happy to do it for her.

It strikes me as funny that I get regarded as a person of importance or celebrity. People will sometimes say, "You're a real author!" And yes, I am, but I'm also the same person I've always been. Just a regular guy holding a regular job in a very regular part of the world.

People look at me differently, but I don't feel any different. It's something I'm getting used to, but not all the way adapted to yet.

The encounter with the young lady was short but still very sweet. She complimented the cover and blushed when she said thank you as I handed the book back to her. I'll always cherish moments like this. I really hope she enjoyed reading it.



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