Tuesday, March 3, 2020

About My Recent Absence - Getting Back Into the Habbit

Welcome everyone!

It've not been updating my site much lately. My house has been stricken by illness, unfortunately. Both my daughter and I have fallen ill, and I've missed quite a bit of work as a result.

We're on the mend, though. The fevers have gone away and now we're just dealing with the leftover chest congestion. As a result, I hope to get back to regular updates soon.

I have some very exciting news about the month of February to share with you this week. Expect that on Thursday or Friday. We'll have really cool something to celebrate together.

I hate falling out of the habit of making daily posts. Writing is the same way. If you establish a routine, it makes doing the work easier. Due to sickness and other unforeseen circumstances, I've fallen out of the habit of writing anything. That's not good.

It remains doubtful I'll be able to make a post tomorrow. Work is tremendously busy at the moment, and I have a good deal of catching up to do since I've been out. Wish me luck on that! We'll talk soon.



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