Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Motifs I'd Like To Use #10 - The Labyrinth

Welcome everyone!

I think mazes are fun. When I was a kid, I used to get books of mazes and have a blast trying to figure them out. One of my most favorite Atari games (yep, I'm that old) was Maze Craze. I used to play that against my friends and cousins all the time.

So, it would be really gratifying for me if I could include some kind of maze in one of my future books. Mazes offer a lot of really cool possibilities for traps, information gathering, and characterization. There should also be something at the end worth obtaining.

The biggest challenge to introducing a labyrinth to a story is to make it seem like a natural part of the world. These things don't just grow on their own; they have to be built for a purpose. If you can't find a good justification for it, the maze will just seem forced.

But that's a challenge for me. Hopefully I can overcome it. Wish me luck!



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