Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Brainstorming a Cover

One of the most excited and most intimidating aspects of this process I've dealt with so far is my book cover. I'm working with a fantastic company with a lot of experience at making some gorgeous covers. I'll talk more about them down the road, but at the moment, I'm very intimidated. Their skill is beyond my imagination, and right now I have no ideas at all for my cover.

Thankfully, they have provided me with a five page questionnaire that asks for all kinds of different details concerning my novella. It's very time consuming to write, but at the same time, it's clearly getting me ready for publishing. I'm new at this, so naturally there's a lot about producing and selling a book I don't know yet.

So while I'm very nervous about beginning work on the cover, I'm feeling more and more prepared to be a published author. I'll be sharing more details about cover ideas in the future...once I generate some. Anyway, here's a sample cover from the company doing my book:



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