Monday, February 11, 2019

Infuria's Den

Welcome everyone!

The main antagonist of my first book is Infuria. She is queen of the werewolves and on a mission to eliminate the threat from the Huntsmen once and for all.

Her den is located in the far southwest of the valley. It first appears as a humble cave with only a few rooms, but it is part of a much larger network of caverns.

The huntsmen do not know the true location of her hideout. Many have searched, few have returned. The she-wolf always keeps a retinue of four to six werewolves with her at all times along with a half-dozen dire-wolves that keep a sharp lookout for intruders.

These make up her pack that she uses to harass valleyfolk. For almost 60 years she has attacked the villagers of Celandine Valley, and unless the huntsmen can locate her cave in the mountains, there is no reason to believe she will be slowing down any time soon.



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