Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Calycanthus River

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Today I just have a short post about the setting in my novella. It's about the Callycanthus River.

The Callycanthus flows from Lake Serenity until it meets up with two other rivers in the far east of Celandine Valley. The rivers flow together only a short time until they break apart into a multitude of river islands before flowing over the Thunder Falls in the east.

Seasonal farms trace the southern side of the river. The rich soil is used to grow vegetables of all sorts as well as oats and spelt.

The northern side of the river is never farmed. The Unhallowed roam the forest to the north, and even though Dreadstone Keep is many miles away, its vile influence seeps through the ground to the rivers edge. Only twisted trees and poisonous plants grow on the northern banks.

Callycanthus is not used much for transport given its varying depths and lack of proximity to Vitalba Village. There once was another town built along the river farther east, but it was destroyed long ago.

For now, it acts more or less as a boundary between the corrupted northern part of the province and the embattled southern reaches.



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