Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Deeping Wood

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Today, I'm going to discuss the "Deeping Wood." It's a forest that's often forgotten in Celandine Valley since it lacks any strategic locations or resources.

South of Empyrean Falls and north of Tatterdemalion's Tower lies an evergreen forest. It was once a lush arboretum, planted ages ago, and filled with nut and fruit trees. The valley's citizens would harvest a great bounty from the wood each year during fall.

However, warlocks sent by Lord Dreadstone burned it to the ground a century ago. It happened during a great war between the huntsmen and the werewolves. While the huntsmen were busy fending off the wolfmen of the east, the warlocks struck.

The forest has not yet recovered its past glory. Few deciduous trees of any kind grow here. Instead, the forest has developed a thick carpet of pine needles. And the evergreen trees have grown close and thick.

Pitch pines, short leaf pine, and spruce are the most common trees found here. The Deeping Wood is a quiet place, ideal for contemplation and reminiscence. It is rare to find huntsmen or unhallowed here, though. Little is left in this wood that either side can use.



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