Monday, November 25, 2019

Had Good Weekend - All Files Are In!

Welcome everyone!

After a terribly difficult week, I actually had an pretty good weekend. I got to go to a great classical music concert AND got a lot of work done on my writing.

Every goal I set last Friday, I was able to reach. That's not always the case, so I feel a ton better about where things stand right now with my writing.

Speaking of which, I have taken full possession of ALL FILES associated with Book 2! If I wanted, I could publish tomorrow. Now, I don't want to just yet, but we are just a few weeks away.

Expect another reveal this Thursday, even though it's the Thanksgiving holiday. Make sure you check back for that.

Also, thanks for all the support that you've sent my way. I really did appreciate all the emails and private messages. I want you to know that they helped tremendously.

Anyway, had a great weekend. I hope you did to.



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