Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Some Chapters are Hard, Others come so Easily

Welcome everyone!

Essentially, I am now finished with Book 2. I still have a few chapters to record for the audio book and of course publishing it on Amazon, Audible, and IngramSpark. But those are trivial matters, really.

As a result, I have to look ahead to Book 3 already. One of the curious things about writing I have discovered is how inconsistent it can be.

Some chapters flow from my mind to my hands and on to the computer screen with ease. I'll write 3,000 words like they were nothing. Other times, I'll get 500 words done and feel like I must have written 10,000 it took so long.

At times, the first draft is beautiful and inspired. Other times, it reads like I just typed instructions on how to prepare a recipe in the kitchen. It's dull, straightforward, and as enrapturing as a warranty pamphlet to read.

I can't explain that. I do know that almost all authors deal with that sort of thing, though. If you ever hear a writer say their first draft is "trash" or something of that nature, it's true! The rough copy reads so bad.

So anyway, that's what I'm looking at. More days of awesome writing and terrible writing. All in all, though, it is absolutely worth it. I haven't found any entertainment activity more fulfilling than writing. It's not something I ever plan on giving up.

Don't forget, there will still be a reveal for Thanksgiving. Please remember to check back!



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