Monday, October 29, 2018

A Successful Weekend

I had a great and productive weekend. I hope you did too. I was able to accomplish all my goals, which were quite a few, thanks to not having any real outside commitments or catastrophes for the last three days. Woohoo!

So as the leaves finally change, it's time to change my own outlook and start gazing forward: November. By the end of November, I really want to get all the final editing of my fantasy novella done. I'd like to get the map of my setting finished. I need to secure the ISBN's for my physical books, and I need to begin the next phase of my marketing.

I think I can do all that. Well, I guess it doesn't matter if I think I can, I BETTER do all that! I'm still on track for a Feb publication. I'd appreciate all thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers in meeting that goal. I'll be rooting for you too!



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