Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Great News!

Great news, everybody! My proofreader got the last chapters to me!!! Haha, so now I can finish up the (**takes in a deep breath**) FINAL DRAFT! Yes, in just a week or two I will have completed, finished, and concluded writing my very first fantasy novella.

Man, I am excited. I wasn't expecting them. I thought it would take her another couple weeks. So yay! I've still got a million obstacles still between me and publication, but at the very least, the writing is done. So, next steps after that:

1) Get the ISBN's for my physical copies. This will be the next financial outlay I have to make, and probably the third most necessary one right after securing professionals to do my cover and my layouts.

2) Get a map done. I have to have a map of the setting for the readers' sake. I think it will really help their comprehension of the events in the story.

3) I need to brainstorm cover ideas. At the moment, I'm still at a loss. My book gets submitted to the cover company (https://eightlittlepages.com/portfolio/) in January, so I do have a little time.

4) I need to complete the questionnaire the cover company gave me.

5) I need to move on with my supplemental projects and marketing (more on that soon).

So that's what's coming up. Anyway, please rejoice with me that the end of the dark tunnel that is writing and revising is within sight. I'm wishing you all the best on your projects as well. Good luck out there! :)



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