Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thus Went the Edits

Today I'm hard at work editing my book. I'm currently on chapter 13 (there are 21 chapters total). The corrections from my proofreader look pretty reasonable. There are some I'm rejecting though, and I think that's important moment of growth for me.

I'm becoming more confident in my writing, and while I realize I still have a massive amount of room for growth, I am finding my own voice. So if you're working on a manuscript, let that strengthen you: you don't have to accept every suggestion you and when you start rejecting them, that's when you know you're getting close to the end.

I'm really going to work hard the rest of the day and evening. I set out with the goal to have all edits done by the end of October. There's still a chance I make it!

I've ignored social media completely today, except for this moment to take time to check in with everybody and let you know that I appreciate the well-wishes I've gotten lately. Thanks to all those who've contacted me privately with encouragement. Know, that you have made a difference! Love ya :)



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