Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Special Moment on This Journey

Welcome Everyone!

Today I got to have a really cool experience. The local newspaper where I work did a very nice article on me and my book. The journalist was very professional and asked some really probing questions. I enjoyed the interview quite a lot, actually.

When it was finished, I never dreamed they would put it on the front page. I figured it would be in the feature section, which is usually toward the back half of the paper. It was quite a shock to see myself on the front! A pleasant shock, but a shock none-the-less.

Anyway, I am very grateful to the community for its interest and encouragement. It's such a blessing to have a support system so broad. Writing a work of fiction is a deeply personal thing, and when it's out there for strangers to read, it can be intimidating. There's a part of yourself that gets exposed. So, it's great to have so many fine folks behind me.

Here's what it looks like:

You can read the article here if you so desire, but I think it may be behind a paywall:

In other news, Super Secret Project #4 is completed! However, there is a small logistical problem I have to get cleared up. So expect me to reveal that tomorrow. Then it's full steam ahead for launch on March 26th! See you there :D



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