Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Now Have an Audio Book!

Welcome everyone!

Super secret project #4 is here! It's an audio book! Check it out below:

That's right. I'm both on iTunes AND on Audible. Woo-woot!

It is indeed read by yours truly, so if you wondered what my voice sounds like, now you can find out. ;-D

There are a lot of interesting things I've learned with doing an audio book. First, it's very hard to produce. In fact, the whole process of doing it myself was miserable at times since I had to pay tremendously close attention to the smallest details.

Second, it takes a long time to make an audio book. I estimate I have at least 70 hours in just the recording, editing, and mastering off the files. Never-mind researching how to do one and setting it up on Audible/ACX. And of course, writing the book in the first place.

Third, authors have very little control over their product when it comes to audio books. I don't get to set the price. I didn't get an option for pre-orders. I don't think I can even do any price promotions for it. That strikes me as somewhat odd, but apparently the market for aBooks is really different from eBooks and print.

Finally, I learned it is still a gratifying experience to finish a project like this. It was hard. It required sacrifice both on my part and my family's (I had to have complete silence while I recorded even though I was in a isolated, closed room). It was a difficult mountain to climb, but I made it, and the view is amazing up here.

I am truly humbled by the fact that so many others will enjoy the work of my imagination. They'll get to experience a bit of me, and it is my sincerest hope that they are uplifted by what they read or hear.

So anyway, yes! I have completed an audio book, gone through the trials of ACX quality assurance, and been published in another medium. I am grateful to all those who take an interest in my book. I sincerely am. Thank you so, so very much.



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