Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Fount of Many Hands

Welcome everyone!

I have a few more locations in the setting for my book I'd like to tell you about before it is released in two weeks. Today, I'm going to talk about The Fount of Many Hands.

Long ago, evil spirits created a fountain that spewed a sweet liqueur. It stands about seven feet tall and five feet wide at its base. The marble stonework has a slight blue tinge, and the glistening surface is pockmarked where rain and age have dissolved small bits of the stone. The basin is in the shape of a hundred harms with delicate, slender hands.

The fountain can appear anywhere in the valley including inside the village. It all depends on what would be worst for the person bound to it. The fount is given to anyone willing to make a deal with Derngar the dwarf. Only one person can possess the fount at a time, but Derngar is quite skilled in tempting his victims to abandon what they love for something more destructive.



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