Monday, July 15, 2019

First Success on the Drive to 25!

Welcome everyone!

I've got some great news. Last week I started a Drive to 25 Campaign to help promote the audio book The Huntsman and the She-Wolf. Making an audio book is hard and very time consuming, so I wanted to make sure costs were justified. I put out a call to all my readers for help in promoting this campaign, and already, you've come through!

We are now at 19 audio books. Just six more to go!  I want to extend a thanks to all those who've reshared my posts about the Drive to 25 Campaign and encourage you to keep doing so. The deadline is November, and a postermap of Celandine Valley (the setting for my series) will be given away one lucky winner who helps me promote my audio book during this time.

As always, you can find my audio book on:

And if you want to start an Audible account, you can get my audio book for free by signing up HERE.

Once again, thank you so much for your help. I am excited to already see results. Let's keep driving toward 25!



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