Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Proofreads Are In!

Welcome everyone!

My proofreader got my book back to me, and now the final stages of writing take place. I have a million corrections to make, but after that, the drafting Book 2 will mostly be done.

I do have two people reading the most recent draft, and they'll let me know if there are any major problems left in the overall plot. Hopefully, all the story edits are done, though. Once I'm all finished with the corrections, it will be time to start a marketing plan for Book 2. I can't wait!

So that's where I stand with the sequel. Putting that aside for a moment, Amazon has dropped the price of my hardback AGAIN. They've already paid me for the stock, so it's theirs to sell however they wish. They'll be taking a loss on them, though, as they've marked them down to $17.

That's cheaper than I sell them in person! So if you've wanted a hardback version of my book, this is probably the best chance you'll get to buy one at a discount. Like I said, I've already been paid for these, so I'm not mentioning this to put dollars in my pocket. This is all about Amazon giving customers a great deal.

And as always, my books are available on ebook and audio as well.



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