Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Latest Audiobook Review

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A new review for my audio book was posted to Audible today. It's fantastic. Reading stuff like this really encourages me to keep going with my work, even though I'm doing some of the toughest parts right now. I'm going to post the review just below so everyone can read it.

The review entitles it "Refreshing new take on 'Monsters'" (which I love!):

I picked this up on audible and was first drawn to the artwork of the cover. I am picky about my audio books because some narrators just don't keep my interest. What I really appreciated about this narration, was the fact that it was done by the author. Since it was his work, I knew that when [there] was an emphasis on certain words or phrases, it was intentional. Sometimes I feel the hired narrators miss the mark on that and often I wonder if they are reading things into the text. 
I won't tell too much of the story, as to not give away the plot, but I loved how the author developed a unique monster "lore". I am a huge horror fan, and pretty much know the ins and outs of "creatures" in fiction. The cover here alludes to werewolves and, boy, to have something new and different was wonderful. It kept me tuned in to see where he was going with it. 
I can't wait for book 2. 
I love also that this is something I feel confident giving my 13 year old to read because it is written without adult language and overt sexual overtones. Notice, I said I read horror - so all of that is in all of the Stephen King and Joe Hill books I read, and yes I am being a hypocritical parent- I don't want to pass that on over to my kid -at least not yet lol. 
This is a good fantasy book, with its own author developed lands, origins, battles and tribulations. It is a refreshing new take on the fantastical monster stories of the past. I recommend you pick this up. Give a new author a try.

I want to extend the reviewer a huge thanks! Every review helps elevate the visibility of my book, so this sort of thing is immensely helpful. If you're interested in getting my audio book, you can find it in the following locals:
And if you want to start an Audible account, you can get my audio book for free by signing up HERE.



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