Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Brief Roadmap for the Future

Welcome everyone!

I just wanted to give you guys some idea about the dates everything will be going down for the rest of 2019:

  • August 20-25th: Final file prep for cover and layout
  • August 29-December 11th: A new reveal each Thursday 
  • September 1: Submission to cover artist
  • September 1: Submission to layout artist
  • October 31st: Receive final cover and layout
  • November 7th: Begin first Giveaway
  • December 7th: Begin second Giveaway
  • December 18-31st: Time off for the Holidays
These dates are subject to change based on all sorts of things from natural disaster to illness to plain old bad luck. However, if everything goes according to plan, this is how it should all shake out. It also means, that next week you're going to get your first preview!

Stay tuned until then :)



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