Tuesday, August 6, 2019

On to Cover, Layout, and Audio

Welcome everyone!

I've done about all I can do when it comes to the text of my book. I've had multiple alpha and beta readers read it and give me feedback. A professional editor gave it some very harsh but helpful scrutiny. And finally, a proofreader went through and found hundreds of grammatical and spelling errors which are now corrected.

I'm going to be so excite to present the finished product to you! It's going to be very high quality.

So here are the next steps:

  • Give final approval to all art by August 15th
  • Begin recording audio for Book 2 by August 20th
  • Generate cover ideas by September 1st
  • Generate interior layout ideas by September 1st
  • Have cover and interior done by October 31st
  • Finish recording, editing, and mastering audio by December 15th
That's big roadmap and a whole lotta work, but it's going to be fun. I'll be giving you updates as I go along. Keep checking back soon! :)



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