Wednesday, August 14, 2019

WOW, I'm a lot Closer to Launch Than I Thought!

Welcome everyone!

I was putting the finishing touches on my marketing campaign for Book 2 yesterday. I have several different things I want to use to promote my second launch, so I organized them into three categories: Reveals, Teasers, and Giveaways.

The list for each started getting long. It hit me that I might want to mark these out on a calendar to get an idea of when I would need to start my promotion. The results shocked me. THE FIRST REVEAL WILL BE IN TWO WEEKS!!!

I was not prepared for that. I thought I had plenty of time before I would start building the hype. Guess I was wrong! So, expect the first glimpses of Book 2 to come out during the last week of August.

The end of August is going to be a moment of transition for me on a personal level, as well. I'll talk more about that then. It's all very exciting, but transitions - no matter how good - are always hard on some level. Anyway, that's something to look forward to. The roses are coming!

 Also, just a reminder about the Drive to 25 Campaign.

We're trying to get to 25 copies of the Book 1 audio book sold by November. Currently, we're at 19. Please help by sharing these blog posts or sharing links to my audio book.

You can find it in the following locals:
And if you want to start an Audible account, you can get my audio book for free by signing up HERE.



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