Monday, September 16, 2019

A Look at the Week Ahead

Welcome everyone!

Life is coming at me fast. I've got to get a lot of work done for my job and a lot of work done for Book 2.

First, I need to get more recording done. I'm on Chapter 7 at this point for the audio book, which isn't bad, but it's not fantastic either.

I also have a side project I'm working on for the Hunter's Rose series. It was a request made by a friend, so I have to start outlining and plotting that one out. I'll share it with everyone once it's done.

Additionally, I have a reveal coming for this Thursday. Wait until you see it. It's going to be awesome.

Finally, I have to make contacts for a few more book signings. I'll share more of my thoughts on that down the road.

Anyway. It's a busy week! I hope your week goes smoothly.

Also, I do want to remind everyone about the Drive to 25 Campaign.

We're trying to get to 25 copies of the Book 1 audio book sold by November. Currently, we're at 19. Please help by sharing these blog posts or sharing links to my audio book.

You can find it in the following locals:
And if you want to start an Audible account, you can get my audio book for free by signing up HERE.



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