Monday, October 14, 2019

The Hunter's Moon 2019

Welcome everyone!

Last night, at about 10:30pm, my wife and I went outside to gaze at a dazzling, full October moon. This moon is known as the Hunter's Moon, and naturally, that makes it special to me.

"Hunter's Moon" was one of the early titles for "The Huntsman and the She-Wolf." I toyed with several different names in fact:
  • Hunter's Moon
  • Hunter's Rise
  • Hunter's Gambit
  • Hunter's Birth
None of them really stuck. Finally, I happened across some advice when it came to titles. The source of that advice has been lost to time, but essentially it went something like this: "A title should tell a story."

People choose a book to read because they want a good story. Story, therefore, begins with the title. In fact, the whole cover should tell a story. The art, the placement of the elements, the background images, everything should give the potential reader a narrative.

Thus, I went with the title I did for Book 1. It tells a story. There's a huntsman. And there's a she-wolf. And they're in contention with one another. Each is an apex predator - who will win?

So anyway, the moon last night brought to my memory the first title I had, and I just wanted to share that tidbit with you.

I hope this October is finding you well.



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