Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Understanding Rejection

Welcome everyone!

When I finished The Huntsman and the She-Wolf, I did pitch it to several agents and publishing companies. I was rejected by all, which was fine with me. I never planned on accepting any of their terms unless they blew me away. I wanted to be independent all the way.

However, several people have reached out to me since I was published asking about pitching their books or asking why they might have been rejected.

I don't have a whole lot of experience with agents and/or publishing companies, but I do know some folks who do. So I'm going to post a video here that might explain why someone is rejected by an agent or publisher based only on the first page.

Hope that helps!

Additionally, I do want to bring up the Drive to 25 Campaign.

We're trying to get to 25 copies of the Book 1 audio book sold by November, which is just next month! Currently, we're at 19. Please help by sharing these blog posts or sharing links to my audio book.

You can find it in the following locals:
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