Thursday, December 6, 2018

An Update on my Map

Welcome everyone!

I just saw the latest draft of the map for my setting. WOW! It is amazing. I think it will be ready next week, so I'll share it next Friday if at all possible.

The artist has done a wonderful job. She captured every little detail I wanted, and little details matter in this case.

I think that thing that excites me the most is that someone else illustrated a thing that came from my own imagination. I don't believe anyone with whom I've talked about being an author has mentioned this feeling. When you see your world manifested by someone else's skilled hands, it moves you. It really does.

I've been to Barnes and Noble several times over the last two years to check out maps in other fantasy novels. For the most part, I haven't been very impressed to be honest. I like the one in the Shattered Sea series by Joe Abercrombie, but many of the others just lacked a lot of the types of details I find mentally stimulating.

I'd definitely stack my map up against any map for a setting of similar size. I could not be more thrilled to put it in my book.



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