Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Lake Serenity

Welcome everyone!

There is a river running through Celandine Valley. It pools into a large lake in the northeast called Lake Serenity. In the warmer months, animals of all types come here to drink in the mornings. The villagers have built a small dock and there are a wide variety of fish living in the lake. During the winter, brave souls that make it this far can find the lake an ideal place for skating and ice fishing.

From time to time huntsmen are called to drive out dire wolves or giant spiders that make their way here from the Haunted Forest or to defeat a magic-user who’s come to spoil the sparkling waters for some nefarious purpose. Still, the threats here are generally few, and if called, the huntsmen usually welcome it as a break from the dark terrors of the woods and swamps.



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