Monday, December 10, 2018

The In-Between Time

Welcome everyone!

I'm stuck waiting right now. My book goes to the cover artist in just 25 days. The last bits of artwork for my book are about to be finished. The MAP IS DONE! And here I am, just waiting.

I've been researching book launches for a while now. I'm full-time employed and love my job, so there's a lot I can't do. A daily or even weekly YouTube video, for instance, would stretch me way too thin. So, I'm looking at other options.

I'm excited for my book to come out but exhausted at the same time. I've been banging away at it for three years now and realizing my dream is still over two months away. It's like waiting on the edge of Christmas or your birthday as a child. Everything becomes tedious. I'm a little grouchy. I just want to GET THERE!

Ah, oh well. I suppose I should enjoy this time. Everything changes once the book is out. It will be time to start the sequel, and the whole process begins again. Hopefully, though, the lessons of the last three years will make the second go-round easier.



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