Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dwarf Caves

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Today, I'm going to talk about the dwarf caves in the north of the map. Dwarves are spread out all over the mountains and hills in the Celandine Valley, but their greatest treasures are hidden in these caves in the North.

The caves are laden with traps and illusions that keep gold-lusting travelers at bay. Huntsmen do not enter for fear of losing themselves in the labyrinths the dwarves have wrought. It is in these caves, however, that dwarven magic is at its strongest.

Dwarves love to strike bargains, duping valley-dwellers into exchanging something valuable and permanent for something fleeting and unsatisfying. The walls of these caves can be made suitable for something called "dwarf-root" which is actually a type of fungus. The root dulls the mind of humans but enhances the dwarvish connection to the nethereal realm, where Lord Dreadstone gets his power.

The strong connection to the nether in these caves allows the dwarves to conjure up false miracles that offer solutions to any problem a villager or traveler might face (should they be brave enough to enter the caves in the first place!).

Dwarves promise to mend broken relationships, satisfy debilitating addictions, erase any and all debts, and so much more. The dulled minds of the victims believe in these supernatural marvels in the vain hope that they have discoverd an easy solution to their problems.

It rarely works out well for any who enter here. Mercifully, the caves are long journey from Vitalba Village, and even finding them, once one is in the vicinity, is difficult. Thus, relatively few villagers suffer the catastrophes of making bargains with dwarves in theses unhallowed caves.



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