Monday, December 17, 2018

Everpass Hold

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Today I'm going to start talking about the locations in my map. First up is Everpass Hold.

While Everpass doesn't actually make an appearance in this book, the characters do talk about it. The hold is a massive keep carved into the side of the grey mountainside in the north of Celandine Valley. It was constructed hundreds of years ago under the watch of one of the valley's greatest huntsmen: Osmajure.

Osmajure wanted to ensure safe passage for travelers and merchants from the outside world, and so commissioned artisans from the city (now lying in ruins to the west) to create a refuge large enough to protect and succor those who passed through the narrow corridor in the Everpass Mountains. This is the only way into Celandine Valley from the outside (or so everyone thinks).

The Keep has a large dining hall and a sumptuous great hall. Travelers are served with warmth and food year round and allowed to stay as long as they need, though the huntsmen that guard it will encourage them to further explore the valley below. Travelers have become scarcer and scarcer over the centuries, so quite often, Everpass Hold is mostly empty.

Tunnels weave in and out of the mountainside leading to overlooks and sleeping chambers. A large section of chambers that overlook the south were sealed off generations ago. The reason,though, has been lost to time.

Everpass Hold is a nice place to rest and recuperate, but not a location meant for long-term stay. There are far more interesting places in the valley to explore and much more congenial places to settle.

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