Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dreadstone Keep

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Today I'm talking about Dreadstone Keep, one of the few actual castles in all of Celandine Valley.

North and a little east of Vitalba lies the center of evil in Celandine Valley, Dreadstone Keep. It sits upon a high plateau looking over the valley. Many legends exist about this accursed mass of stonework. Some have said a great vampire lord lives here, others say the spirits of evil that killed the man from across the sea lives there, immortal and undead. Others say the lord of the keep is the manifestation of all evil in the world taking up residence in the fortress’s infernal halls. The true nature of the malignity in Dreadstone has never been revealed, but its vile effect on the land is ever-present.

A blackness permeates the ground near the keep. No trees or grass grow there. The soil has turned the color of tar. A constant, but faint whail can be heard coming from the lonely spires of the soul forsaken castle. Even the moon and clouds look more menacing when viewed from just outside its walls.

Travelers unfortunate enough to blunder near the castle are rarely seen or heard from again. The bastion is roamed with the unnatural and sunlight offers no solace or safety. Even the huntsmen are wary of treading this ground where the stones cry and the soil seems to scuttle underfoot.

In bygone ages huntsmen have attacked the keep, but never successfully. The gates are made of the strongest iron and the lord of the keep has any number of hellish creatures inside to counter whatever assault may be made. It’s an area best left alone. No good can come from it.



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