Friday, January 25, 2019

The Furrows

Welcome everyone!

Let's continue our tour of Celandine Valley today with a look at one of my favorite spots: The Furrows.

South and west of Vitalba lay a series of lush and rolling hills. Farmers graze their sheep and goats along these hills and harvest herbs in the valleys. Far from the bitter cold of the Everpeaks, the Furrows provide sustenance and comfort to the people of Celandine Valley. Many poems have been composed while sitting atop a grassy knoll at sunset here.

The fertile knobs are the main source of meat in Vitalba. Shepherds and goatherds are common here, and once can see their tents erected on the hilltops in any season save winter. The herders of the Furrows are a friendly lot. They treat any man or woman hey meet as a friend. Their stews are renowned for their taste and hardiness. No one knows these foothills better than those who tend their flocks on the gentle slopes.

The Furrows are a place of refuge in a land swarmed by evil and violence. Occasionally, a dire beast of some kind makes its way here to prey on hapless sheep, yet it is the rarest of occurrences to ever seen an Unhallowed profane this land with its presence. Huntsmen are seldom needed here. The shepherds are able to handle most threats in this pastoral part of Celandine.



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