Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Safehouse

Welcome everyone!

Today I'm going to tell you about the safehouse that lies right in the middle of Celandine Valley. 

Near King's Crossing, there is a stone building about thirty feet long and twenty feet wide. It's a simple structure with only one room and few amenities. There is no furniture, no lamps, no closets or storerooms - just bare stone floor.

It has two large fireplaces with stone chimneys that poke through the roof. Only one of them sees frequent use. Stacks of cord wood are piled up nearby and resupplied by woodsmen every month except in winter, when the snows are so thick none can traverse the valley anyway.

Travelers and huntsmen frequent this safehouse. It was built specifically for that purpose. It's a shelter from the elements, a protective stopover for anyone going to Vitalba Village or to the Coal Mines. What it lacks in comforts, it makes up for in sturdiness. The harshest storms cannot shake its foundations nor damage its walls.

The safehouse was built only a few decades ago, so it's actually one of the newer structures in the valley. The threat from the unhallowed monsters of Celandine continues to grow, so it may be that the huntsmen will have to construct even more such buildings in the near future.



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