Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Golden Fells

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North-east of the Dwarf Caves in Celandine Valley are rounded mountains with a delightful secret. In this part of the valley, the winds once blew far more fiercely than they do now. As a result, the spiky peaks of the mountains were worn down to roundtops. Plants began to grow, and one plant in particular, was able to take hold and spread: wild wheat. The Golden Fells got their name from the wild wheat that grows on the mountainsides. The journey to the fells is long and arduous, so few villagers from Vitalba ever make it. However, the bountiful harvest of sweet wheat kernels is unforgettable. The wheat-fields do have their dangers, however. The abundance of food has given rise to a vicious breed of rat. These “dire rats” as they are sometimes called stand three feet high at the shoulder and pack a diseased bite. Their fur is a sickly grey-brown matted coat that is unsuitable for skinning. While the dire rats are an endangered species, they are quite vicious and a huntsman will have to be quite skilled to kill one.



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