Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tatterdemalion's Tower

Welcome everyone!

Today, I get to to tell you about one of the coolest places in all of Celandine Valley: Tatterdemalion's Tower.

Tatterdemalion is the lord of the vampires. He and his nightwalking minions ousted the huntsmen from their great fortress of Greyfell two centuries ago. It is now a place of nightmare and horror designed to lure then entrap anyone who enters the valley.

With the help of dark magic from Lord Dreadstone, the vampires twisted and perverted the once proud bastion. The tower now resembles a disjointed stack of black cubes, a tall and broken ziggurat. The once delightful stained glass windows of the fort that portrayed heroes and saints from ancient times are not blood red and seem to glow with unearthly light.

The interior of the tower is an ever-shifting labyrinth. The rooms move about inside the redoubt to suit the whims of the vampires that live there. Navigating it is nearly impossible for anyone except the dark ones and their servants. Only they know the secret passages that lead between the rooms and to the exits.

Within the tower and thrall pens, where the captives of the vampires wait to be drained. The unhallowed bloodsuckers promise a life of peace, free from work and responsibility. All they ask for in exchange is blood. Many have willingly taken them up on the offer. At least a hundred villagers and travelers are captive here.

The throne room of Tatterdemalion is a cesspit. Full of the desiccated corpses of their victims. Offal and other detritus also line the walls of the room. The stench is unbearable. A special pen, with a dozen thralls wait near Tatterdemalion's throne.

Huntsmen have rarely infiltrated the tower, and those that have, did so at great cost. In all of Celandine Valley, there is not place as insidious or dangerous at Tatterdemalion's Tower save Dreadstone Keep itself.



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