Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Empyrean Falls

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Today, I'm discussing another location in my fantasy novella's setting: Empyrean Falls.

The falls are actually two different waterfalls. There's the Lesser Falls that feed into Lake Serenity, and the High Falls that are a sacred place for Huntsmen.

The Lesser Falls are huge. They tumble down over 100 feet, and their constant roar can be heard for miles. It is a lovely place, and the sapphire pool where the water crashes down is so deep, one cannot even see the bottom.

A path leads from the lake to the falls and further up the plateau to the much smaller High Falls that tumble down from the mountain above. Travelers and villagers seldom go to the High Falls. Stories abound of it being haunted by the spirits of the dead.

A select few Huntsmen are chosen to enter The High Falls, but how the one is chosen is a deep mystery. A Huntsman knows it is time when a light from the falls shows so brightly, nothing else can be seen. Only the Huntsman who is called can see light, and the light can travel any distance.

Other than the beauty of the water, there is little other reason to visit this location. It's far out of the way of normal trade routes. No special herbs or trees grow in this area. The land is not well suited for grazing or farming since the soil nearby is so rocky. Not to mention, there's always the ever-present danger of unhallowed monsters roaming this area.

For the most part, the falls are relegated to tales and legends among the citizens of Vitalba Village. While the Huntsmen may hope for the honor of being called to its lofty heights, the Empyrean Falls largely goes unmentioned in their daily conversations.



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