Monday, April 29, 2019

A Podcast I Really Enjoy

Welcome everyone!

One of the things I feel I have to do as a writer is keep educating myself about the art of writing. There are a lot of resources out there, and I think I'll try to highlight the ones I use most in the coming months.

One that I really enjoy is a podcast series called Writing Excuses. Their episodes come out each week and are highly focused on a single topic. They also keep their episodes short, which is appreciated since I (and no doubt others) are very busy.

They have a list of their essential episodes. I'll post that HERE. I think any writer would be well served by listening to what these authors have to say.

Anyway, moving on to a personal update, I was able to meet all my goals for the weekend. It was such a busy weekend. I don't like weekends like that. I really need my downtime. The wedding was wonderful, though. I loved seeing the happiness of the bride and groom. Naturally, it made me appreciate my marriage all the more.

So this coming week, I hope to get more writing done. With the NBA playoffs here, it's not easy to focus (Round 2 of the playoffs has four fantastic match-ups). But still, time to sally forth and slay evil!



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