Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Pushing Through A Tough Scene

Welcome everyone!

I'm on 16 consecutive days of writing new content! Woohoo! However, not all is good news. I'm struggling at the moment with a scene I shouldn't be.

Without giving any spoilers, I'm writing a part where the characters are facing a series of diverse challenges to get to a remote location. This should be a lot of fun to write since it involves so many different angles of adversity.

But it's not. When I read my notes, the whole thing looks hokey to me. It doesn't feel "real" enough. It's not as if there aren't lasting consequences for the challenges. There most certainly are. Permanent ones, and usually that's enough to interest me.

Right now, though, it isn't. So what does one do? Keep writing is the answer. Even when you look at what you're writing and think it's garbage, you keep going. Even if you think you'll rewrite everything, keep going. Giving up the worst option, so I'm not going to take it.

I'll finish this scene soon, then I'll come back and make it good once the book is finished. Sometimes, the words come effortlessly. Sometimes you have to strive for them. This is one of those cases where I'll have to strive.

I wish the words were coming easier, but hey, we can't get everything we wish for. Right?



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